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Biology is the study of life. We are human, living in surface of world with other animals, plants, etc. and want to study the life of all human and along with other living Organisms. For this purpose, Biology subject in 10th Class have a good interest for students. As this Book Biology in 10th Class is new concept for students that why some students feel it as difficult subject and try to find the Notes of Biology for 10th Class. The Style of Study and Exams also include the MCQs of Biology, Short Questions of Biology and paracticals of Biology. Also Students of 10th Class Searching for Reading residing Things, called organisms, in this world, along with forests land and Oceanic Basins.

For this purpose, offer a good style of Study for those students who feel difficult and want some easy study of Biology. We are offering here Notes of Biology for 10th Class, MCQs of Biology for 10th Class, Short Questions of Biology for 10th Class, English Book of Biology for 10th Class, Urdu Book for Biology for 10th Class, 10th Class Biology Notes,

Biology is an optional subject for 9th and 10th Class. Hopefully you Enjoy this page and Share with others Students. Chapters are as Follow:

10th Class – Biology Chapter 10 – Gaseous Exchange

10th Class – Biology Chapter 11 – Homeostasis

10th Class – Biology Chapter 12 – Coordination and Control

10th Class – Biology Chapter 13 – Support and Movement

10th Class – Biology Chapter 14 – Reproduction

10th Class – Biology Chapter 15 – Inheritance

10th Class – Biology Chapter 16 – Man and His Environment

10th Class – Biology Chapter 17 – Biotechnology

10th Class – Biology Chapter 18 – Pharmacology

10th Class – Biology Pairing Scheme


We are trying our best to Cover all these topics for your Students like as 10th Class Biology MCQs pdf download, 10th Class Biology MCQs Chapter wise pdf, 10th Class Biology, 10th Class Biology Notes pdf, 10th Class Biology Chapter-01, Notes for 10th Class Biology Chapter-01, 10th Class Biology Book in English pdf download, 10th Class Biology solved exercise, 10th Class Biology Book PDF, 10th Class Biology guess paper 2021 – Urdu Medium

10th Class Biology Chapter wise Test pdf, 10th Class Biology Book Chapter-01, 10th Class Biology

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