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Chemistry Notes for Class-9 Chapter-2

Structure of Atoms:

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Here are important MCQs for Chemistry Notes for Class 9, chapter 2

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Chemistry Ch#02, 9th Class

Here MCQs for your Revision

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Which radio isotope is used for the diagnosis of tumor in the body?

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The number of electrons that a shell can accommodate is given by formula.

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The percentage of pure 238/92U is found in nature_______

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John Dalton put forward his atomic theory in the beginning of________

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The value of Planck’s constant is_______

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The p subshell has_________

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13C and 14C are both present in nature_______

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Who discovered the proton?

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Who performed first experiment to split atom?

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Symbol for Deuterium is ________

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How many electrons can be accommodated in L-shell?

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Rutherford used a gold foil in his experiment, which has a thickness of___________

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How many electrons can be accommodated in p-orbital?

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When U-235 breaks up, it produces_________

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How many times he mass of a proton is more than an electron?

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Which one of the following consists of three subshells?

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The name atom was derived from the Latin word “Atomos”, which meaning _________

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Plum pudding theory was put forward by_________

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The concept of orbit was used by____________

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Quantum means_________

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Who predicted in 1920 that some neutral particle having mass equal to that of proton in an atom?

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According to Rutherford’s atomic theory atom should produce_________

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Rutherford won noble prize in __________

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In 1897, who found electrons in atom?

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Electronic configuration of Boron is______

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94Be + 42He ----> 126C+ ?

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Which of the following results in the discovery of proton?

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Which one of the following is the most penetrating?

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Deuterium is used to make________

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Sir William Crooks performed experiments in a discharge tube at low pressure in_________

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Who described the concept of line spectrum in his atomic model?

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How many sub shells are there in first energy level or k shell?

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Chadwick discovered neutrons in_____

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The isotope C-12 is present in abundance of_____________

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In 1912 Neil Bohr joined for post-doctoral research with _________

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Neil Bohr won the noble prize in________

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Which isotope is used for diagnosis of goiter?

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94Be + 42He ----> 126C+ ?

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Canal Rays were discovered by_________

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Neil Bohr presented his model in_______

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How many electrons can be accommodated in N-shell?

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Chemistry Notes, Problems for Class 9th

Chemistry, a new subject for 9th Class, having a lot of concepts, starting from a single definition of the smallest particle of our universe which is called ‘atom’. In the 8th grade usually, we have to study only one book of science that combines chemistry, physics, and biology. But as, we got into 9th class and with every passing day things starts to get more complex now. similarly we got three books instead of just one science book.

And, if you any student of 9th Class feeling difficult to understand the concept of chemistry. Then, these chemistry notes for class 9 are enough. by Understanding chemistry Notes for 9th class means remembering a lot of concepts. Consider that particular subject important in which you want to study for your whole life. And, read more than just the textbook about that particular subject. If you think you want to study chemistry for your whole life that’s great, our country also need chemists.

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Chemistry class 9

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Chapter wise PDF Notes / Problems / Solution of Chemistry 9th Class

                     Chapter-01 – Fundamentals of Chemistry

                     Chapter-02 – Structure of Atoms 

                     Chapter-03 – Periodic Table and Periodicity of Properties

                     Chapter-04 – Structure of Molecules 

                     Chapter-05 – Physical States of Matter 

                     Chapter-06 – Solutions 

                     Chapter-07 – Electrochemistry 

                     Chapter-08 – Chemical Reactivity

                     Pairing Scheme for 2021 – Chemistry 9th Class




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