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If you are looking for Chemistry Notes for Class 9 Chapter-6 then you are on right place, and have found the your required result. on this post you can find the all type Solution for chemistry class 9 problems. so read this post and take benefits for your studies and share with your Friends.

Here are important MCQs for Chemistry Notes for Class 9, chapter 6

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Chemistry Ch#06, 9th Class

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Which one is example of colloid?

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Example of solid in solid solution is__________

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Grease, paints, naphthalene are soluble in________

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Example of liquid-gas solution is_________

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Which of the following shows tyndall effect?

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Sea water is a source of naturally occurring elements___________

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Air is a example of solution_____

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One molar solution contains one mole of Solute in Solvent volume_____

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Brass and Bronze are considered as_________

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Which salt is used to prepare supersaturated solution?

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Which one of the following is a liquid in solid solution?

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Solubility of which salt increases with the increase of temperature?

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The compounds soluble in water are__________

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Which one of the following solvent is polar?

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Butter is example of solution_____________

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Brass is a solid solution of Zn and__________

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5% (w/w) sugar solution means that________

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The solubility of which salt decreases with the increase of temperature?

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In soft drink CO2 is _____________

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Hydrogen absorbed in palladium is example of solution ___________

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Tyndall effect is due to___________

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Which one of the following solutions contains more water?

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If 10cm3 of alcohol is dissolved in 100g of water, it is called______

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If the solute-solute forces are strong. enough than those of solute- solvent forces. The solute______

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Smoke in air is example of solution__________

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Concentration is ratio of_______

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10% Mass/Volume Sugar solution contains 10g of sugar in solution _________

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Example of liquid in solid solution is__________

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Molarity is the number of moles of solute dissolved in____________

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Tyndall effect is shown by________

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Which one of the following will show negligible effect of temperature on its solubility?

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When a saturated solution is diluted it turns into______

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10% Volume/Mass alcohol solution contains 10cm3 of sugar in solution______

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Alcohol in water is example of solution__________

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Ionic solids and polar covalent Compounds are soluble in________

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Size of particles in true solution is_________

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Mist is an example of solution________

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Which one of the following is heterogeneous mixture?

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Which one is a suspension?

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Chemistry Notes, Problems for Class 9th

Chemistry, a new subject for 9th Class, having a lot of concepts, starting from a single definition of the smallest particle of our universe which is called ‘atom’. In the 8th grade usually, we have to study only one book of science that combines chemistry, physics, and biology. But as, we got into 9th class and with every passing day things starts to get more complex now. similarly we got three books instead of just one science book.

And, if you any student of 9th Class feeling difficult to understand the concept of chemistry. Then, these chemistry notes for class 9 are enough. by Understanding chemistry Notes for 9th class means remembering a lot of concepts. Consider that particular subject important in which you want to study for your whole life. And, read more than just the textbook about that particular subject. If you think you want to study chemistry for your whole life that’s great, our country also need chemists.

Chemistry class 9 pdf

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Chapter wise PDF Notes / Problems / Solution of Chemistry 9th Class

                     Chapter-01 – Fundamentals of Chemistry

                     Chapter-02 – Structure of Atoms 

                     Chapter-03 – Periodic Table and Periodicity of Properties

                     Chapter-04 – Structure of Molecules 

                     Chapter-05 – Physical States of Matter 

                     Chapter-06 – Solutions 

                     Chapter-07 – Electrochemistry 

                     Chapter-08 – Chemical Reactivity 

                     Pairing Scheme for 2021 – Chemistry 9th Class




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