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Computer Notes for Class 10 Chapter
Computer Notes for Class 10 Chapter 4

Data and Repetition: (New Syllabus)

If you are searching for a topic about Computer Notes for Class 10 Chapter 4 (New Syllabus) then, you are on right place because we are offering here a good opportunity for class 10 computer notes 2022. the students who study in Metric classes are searching the topic related to 10th class computer new book 2022 notes. Computer Science is an interesting and most demanding subject for metric classes. 10th class students who study this learnt the C-Language programming here in this class, by Gaining a good practice of C-Language computer science notes for class 10, any student get a grip on basic techniques of programming.

Computer Notes for Class 10 Chapter 4

Lets discuss the all about 10th class computer notes to get the basic concept of C Language and gain the good marks in this class, as:

MCQs questions for class 10 computer with answers:

here are Computer Science MCQs with Solution pdf format and free download is available. Online practice for MCQs is also available here. MCQs from Text Book Exercise and others included in this Practice panel. By practicing again and again, Student can get good practice on this topic “Data and Repetition” i.e. 10th Class Computer Science MCQs Chapter-04. Best of Luck.


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Computer Ch#04, 10th Class

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What is the index number of last element of an array with 5 elements?

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The total number of elements in an array is called _____________ of the array.

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If the size of an array is 100, the range of indexes will be _______

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Array elements are stored at _______ memory location.

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The loop which never ends is called____________

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Which control structure in C is used to repeat a set of statements?

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How many elements does the following array have?

int n[1000];

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The number of expressions in for loop is __________

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______ part of for loop is executed first.

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How many types of loop structure are available in C Language?

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Which of the following is used to access a specific element of an array?

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There are three expressions in for loop statement separated by _______

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______ is the unique identifier, used to refer to the array.

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A loop within a loop is called ___________

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Each element of array has its own ____________

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The index of an element in array is written within ________

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What is the output of the following code segment?

int n[4] = {8, 7, 6, 3};

printf(”%d”, n[3]);

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What is the final value of x after executing the following code?

for(x=1; x<=3; x++)

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The for loop contains three expressions: initialization, condition and ___________

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Which of the following loop is not available in C language?

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Each element in array has____________

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The index of first element of an array is always________

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To initialize the array in a single statement, initialize it ____ declaration.

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Which of the following is a loop statement?

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Given the following declaration, where is 77 stored in the n array?

int n[]={83, 62, 77, 97};

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In for statement, this expression is executed only once ___________

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_______ Structure allows repetition of a set of instructions.

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What is the final value of x after executing the following code?

for (int x=0; x<10; x++)

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Which of the following is correct declaration of array?

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An Array is a _______ Structure.

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Which of the following identifies first element in array named temp?

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Each run of a loop is called___________

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Is a group of consecutive memory locations with same name and data type.

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Array can be initialized ______ declaration.

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A loop becomes _______ if a condition never becomes false.

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_____ makes it easier to read and write values in array.

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The statements within curly braces in a loop is known as loop _________

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What is the output of the following code segment?

int n[] = {56, 90, 86, 97, 120};

printf(”%d”, n[3]);

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What is the representation of the third element in an array called n?

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Using Loops, inside loops is called ______ Loops.


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Solved MCQs Chap # 04 – Computer Science 10th

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Computer science Short Questions/ Long Questions – 10th Class:

Short Questions and Long Questions related to 10th Class Computer science notes new Syllabus are available here. The Students who are searching the study material (Short questions / Long Questions) for Punjab boards, along with KPK boards and Karachi boards, here is a good chance to avail the chance from this opportunity.

Long / Short Questions Chap # 04 – Computer Science 10th

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Solved Exercise – Computer Science Notes 10th Class:

This book of Computer Notes for Class 10 Chapter 4 New Syllabus and New problems are solved according to 100% correction. and here we are providing the solution of this problem and Solved Exercise of Computer Science Notes 10th Class is available here for pdf format and for download.

Solved Exercise Chap # 04 – Computer Science 10th

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Coding problems – Computer Science New Syllabus 10th Class:

In 10th Class Computer science Notes, important part is Coding of C-Language. Here are a lot of Coding problem solutions of Examples, Coding problem solution of exercise and Extra examples of Coding in C-Language is available on our website

10th Class Computer Science Notes:

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Class 10 Computer Science Chapter Wise Notes

Chapter 01 – Introduction to Programming

Chapter 02 – User Interface

Chapter 03 – Conditional Logic

Chapter 04 – Data and Repetition

Chapter 05 – Functions


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