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The most interesting and important Subject Physics of 10th Class Chapter-10. Student want to know the important Questions and  physics notes for 10th class , to prepare it according to BISE Punjab. We are providing the Solution of Student Problems.

Here are important MCQs for 10th Class, Physics Chapter # 10

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Physics Ch-10, 10th

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_________developed first pendulum clock that could accurately measure time.

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If F =kx , then k indicates_________

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The distance between two consecutive crests and troughs is called ________

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A large ripple tank with a vibrator working at a frequency of 30Hz produces 25 complete waves in a distance of 50cm. the velocity of the wave is _______

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Which one of the following is not example of SHM?

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Transmission can be heard in such areas where the waves cannot reach directly due to_______

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The net force is zero when bob of simple pendulum is________

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The displacement of an object in SHM when the kinetic energy and potential energy is equal to ________

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Vibrator is an ________electric motor.

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Electromagnetic waves consist of _________

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_________are the region where pressure on the layer of the air is less than surrounding.

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Wave equation is true for__________

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Refraction of light rays depend on the _______of light rays.

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Number of vibrations completed in one second is called_______

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There are ______ basic types of waves.

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Waves which do not require medium is called__________

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Time period of simple pendulum is independent of__________

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The value of k depends upon __________ of spring.

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If the length of a simple pendulum is halved, its time period T will become______

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which of the following devices can be used to produce both a transverse and longitudinal wave?

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Heat and light waves are some example of____________

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Heat and light waves are ________

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In ball and bowl system the___________ force act as restoring force.

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Ball and bowl system is an example of _________

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Time required to complete one cycle is called__________

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Christian Huygen invented the pendulum clock in_________

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________are lowest point.

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The bending of waves around the corners of obstacles is________

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In ______ the particles of medium move back and forth along the direction of propagation of waves.

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In SHM acceleration of vibrating body is always directed towards ______

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Vibratory motion of ideal systems, in the absence of any friction or resistance continues____

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Waves transfer_______

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The period of a pendulum is independent of its__________

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In case of simple pendulum which component of weight acts as restoring force _________

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Kinetic energy is __________ at extreme position.

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Vibration is also known as _______

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Crests and Troughs appear as __________lines respectively.

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Frequency is ________ of time period.

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The maximum potential energy of a vibrating mass attached to a spring is at______

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Which of the following characteristics of a wave is independent of the others______

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The slit or obstacles must be equal to__________ of wave to observe diffraction properly

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If the mass of the bob of a pendulum is increased by a factor of 3, the period of the pendulum’s motion will_______

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In SHM velocity of vibrating body is zero at __________

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The apparatus used to study the properties of waves is____________

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Energy is transferred from one place of medium to the other in the form of_____

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In ________ position, the net force on bob is zero and the bob is stationary.

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The Oscillations of a system in the presence of some resistive force are_______

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Shock absorbers damp vibrations and convert their energy into ________ energy of oil.

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Refraction of water waves depend on the _______of water waves.

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On screen crest appear as_________

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Electromagnetic waves consist of electric and magnetic fields oscillating_______ to each other.

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Water and light waves are_________

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________are parts of longitudinal wave where loops of spring are far apart from each other.

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Wave transfer________

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Which of the following is an example of simple harmonic motion?

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In ball and bowl system the mean position is at _________

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The relation between v, f and λ of a wave is __________

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_______are travelling disturbance

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Mathematically, S.H.M is represented as____________

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The bouncing back of a wave in the same medium after striking a non-transparent medium is___

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The force applied on a body is directly proportional to the change in length, which is called _____

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A human eardrum can oscillate back and forth up to_________ times in one second.

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______are region where pressure on the layer of air is more than surroundings.

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If the mass of bob of a simple pendulum is doubled, its time period ________

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The relation between the velocity frequency and wavelength of the wave is known as________

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When a ray of light enters from one transparent medium to another transparent medium, it bends from its path is called______

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The ratio of exerted force to displacement is called_________

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The particles of the solid can vibrate about their____________

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In a vacuum all electromagnetic waves have the same________

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High frequency wave carries _______

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Transverse waves move through solids at _________of the speed of longitudinal waves.

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Motion of mass attached to spring is an example of ________motion.

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In SHM acceleration of vibratory motion is maximum at _______

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If length of simple pend is halved its time period becomes________

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_______are highest points.

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The amount of energy carried by the wave depends on the ________ of stretched string from its rest position.

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The magnitude of the restoring force________ with the distance from the mean position.

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The Time taken by vibrating body to complete one vibration is________

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Such waves which require medium for their production and propagation are called______

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If mass of bob of simple pendulum is doubled its time period will_______

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A body is said to be _____________if it moves back and forth about a point.

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In SHM velocity of vibrating body is maximum at a________

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The speed of mass _________as it moves towards the extreme position.

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Diffraction of waves can clearly be observed if size of the slit or obstacle is nearly equal to _______of wave.

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Which is example of simple harmonic motion?

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A spider detects its prey due to ___________ produce in the web.

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The relation between velocity, wavelength and time period is___________

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A __________ force always pushes or pulls the object performing oscillatory motion towards the mean position.

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In reflection, angle of incidence is ____ angle of reflection.

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Which of the following is a method of energy transfer?

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The value of spring constant in case of soft springs is _________

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Earthquake produces waves through the body of the Earth in form of______

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Due to _______ the mass does not stop at the mean position but continues its motion.

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Force exerted on the body is always directed__________ the displacement of mass.

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The product of frequency and time period is equal to________

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