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Properties of Matter:

The most interesting and important Subject Physics of 9th Class Chapter-07. Student want to know the important Questions and  physics notes for 9th class , to prepare it according to BISE Punjab. We are providing the Solution of Student Problems.

Here are important MCQs for 9th Class, Physics Chapter # 07

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Physics Ch-07, 9th

Here MCQs for your Revision

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Unit of density is __________

  1. kg m3
  2. kg m-2
  3. kg m-3
  4. kg m2

which option is Correct ?

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Pressure depends upon_____________

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The object will sink in the liquid surface when___________

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Ionic state of matter is called __________

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The Molecules of the matter are always remaining in the state of____________

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Hydraulic Brake works on the principle of_________

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Hydraulic Press is based on__________

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The property of the matter due to which it restores its size and shape when force ceases to act on it______

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When Stress is increased, the Strain also goes on______

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Weakest attractive forces are in____________

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The Force exerted perpendicularly on unit area of an object is called___________

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SI unit of pressure is Pascal, which is equal to __________

  • 10-4 Nm-2
  • 1  Nm-2
  • 102 Nm-2
  • 103 Nm-2

which Option is Correct ?

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According to Kinetic Molecular theory, gases exert pressure on the walls of the container due to their______

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If a body is at a depth of ‘h’ from the liquid surface of density ‘p’, then the pressure ‘P’ on that body is______

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In which of the following state, molecules do not leave their position?

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According to Hooke’s law, within the elastic limit stress and strain has ____________ proportion.

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The Ratio of change in length to the original length is___________

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The Instrument used to measure atmospheric pressure is called ____________

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According to Archimedes, upthrust is equal to __________

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The force that acts on unit area of an object and thus changes its shape or size_______

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When Temperature of the matter increases, intermolecular forces ___________

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When Temperature of the Gas increases then Gas pressure _____________

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What should be the approximate length of a glass tube to construct a water barometer?

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Plasma is_______

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How many states of matter are?

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The density of a substance can be found with the help of _______

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The object will float on the liquid surface when____________

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The ratio of tensile stress and tensile strain is__________

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Which of the substances is the lightest one?

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Molecules of which state of matter have strongest attractive power?

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The Law about pressure on the object is presented by________

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In system international, the unit of stress is_________

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The Law about Stress and Strain is presented by___________

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The Energy possessed by the molecules of the matter is due to its motion_______

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Witch Law talks about the floating and sinking of objects?

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Due to Pressure difference on an object, an upward force acts on the object known as_______

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A solid object is__________

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The Unit of Young’s modulus is___________

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If Quantity of the Gas is increased in the container, then gas pressure ___________

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The unit of Pressure is____________

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According to Hooke’s Law__________

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Buoyant Force is equal to the _____________ of the liquid displaced by the object.

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If Pressure is exerted on a liquid, Liquid transmits it__________

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Submarine works on the principle of_________

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Physics Notes, Numerical for Class 9th

If your are talking about the Study material of Class 9th Physics Notes chapter-07, Physics Notes for 9th Class Chapter-07, is providing same helpful content against each chapter of Physics Class 9 notes pdf downloadable format of PTB book. For each chapter  there are short questions, long question, multiple-choice questions, and numerical. Similarly, in the case of extra material, there are long questions, short questions, and multiple-choice questions. So, every student can check these notes and prepare for exams.

How did we prepare from these notes? any Student of 9th class should prepared all the long question of each chapter first and practiced all the numerical as well in good grip. Then he should skimmed through all the multiple-choice question and short questions of same chapter. That should be enough for him to prepare a chapter and secure good marks in exams. All reader should use this technique if you like this.

Chapter wise PDF Notes / Problems / Numerical Solution of Physics

                 Chapter-01 – Physical Quantities and Measurements

                 Chapter-02 -Kinematics

                 Chapter-03 – Dynamics

                 Chapter-04 – Turning Effect of Forces

                 Chapter-05 – Gravitation

                 Chapter-06 – Work and Energy

                 Chapter-07 – Properties of Matter

                 Chapter-08 – Thermal Properties of Matter

                 Chapter-09 – Transfer of Heat

                 Pairing Scheme for 2021 – Physics 9th Class

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