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Transfer of Heat:

The most interesting and important Subject Physics of 9th Class. Student want to know the important Questions and  physics notes for 9th class , to prepare it according to BISE Punjab. We are providing the Solution of Student Problems.

Here is important MCQs for 9th Class, Physics Chapter # 09

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Physics Ch-09, 9th

Here MCQs for your Revision

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Global warming in the world is due to_____

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Which of the following is best for insulation?

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Black surfaces are _________ emitter.

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Land and sea breezes are due to___________

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Which one is/are the insulator (s)?

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Land breeze blows from____________

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False Ceiling is done due to _____________

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Unit of thermal conductivity is _____________

  • Wm-1K-1
  • Wm-1K-2
  • W m-2 K-1
  • W m2 K-1

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In solids, heat is transferred by_______

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Feathers of the birds are__________

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Transmission of heat from one body to another body by the interaction of atoms and electrons____

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Convection of heat is the process of heat transfer due to the _________ of the molecules.

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Shinning silvered surfaces are __________ reflector.

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Styrofoam is a __________________

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What happens to the thermal conductivity of a wall if its thickness is doubled?

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The gases in the Earth’s atmosphere, which causes the greenhouse effect_________

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Ice is an___________

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Geysers work on the principle of___________

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Transfer of heat by the actual movement of molecules____

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In gases, heat is mainly transferred by____________

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There are _________methods of transmission of heat.

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Which of the following is a good radiator of heat?

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Room are heated using gas heater by_________

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Ventilation in our houses is only possible due to____________

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Metals are good conductor of heat due to the____________

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Movement of water on heating is shown by the crystal of_______

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Water is a_____________

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Heat from sun reaches us by _________

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Colored surfaces are ___________ absorber.

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Transmission of heat by waves without affecting medium on its way__________

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MCQs in PDF Format Chapter -09

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(Correct Answers has shown at front end of each question)


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Physics Notes for Class 9th

if your are talking about the course material of Class 9th Physics Notes. is providing some helpful content against each chapter of Physics Class 9 notes pdf downloadable of our book. For each chapter  there are short questions, long question, multiple-choice questions, and numerical. Similarly, in the case of extra material, there are long questions, short questions, and multiple-choice questions. So, every student can check these notes and prepare for exams.

How did we prepare from these notes? any Student of 9th class should prepared all the long question of each chapter first and practiced all the numerical as well in good grip. Then he should skimmed through all the multiple-choice question and short questions of same chapter. That should be enough for him to prepare a chapter and secure good marks in exams. All reader should use this technique if you like this.

Chapter wise PDF Notes / Problems / Numerical Solution of Physics

                  Chapter-01 – Physical Quantities and Measurements

                  Chapter-02 -Kinematics

                  Chapter-03 – Dynamics

                  Chapter-04 – Turning Effect of Forces

                  Chapter-05 – Gravitation

                  Chapter-06 – Work and Energy

                  Chapter-07 – Properties of Matter

                  Chapter-08 – Thermal Properties of Matter

                  Chapter-09 – Transfer of Heat

                  Pairing Scheme for 2021 – Physics 9th Class

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